On the edge

Image integrated in sound spectrogram

Hide an Image into Music

Original idea One day in a biology class, we analysed bird songs to deduce which bird was the song coming from. We used a software

Deep learning interpretability model with GradCAM

Interpretability with GradCAM

What is GradCAM ? GradCAM is an acronym for Gradient-based Class Activation Model. It’s a rather ingenious way to use the guiding principles of a

Deep learning applied to car damage detection

Car Damage Detection

In late 2020, I began working with a company that manufactures high resolution photo scanners. Their aim was to detect superficial damages on cars, such

fractal figures

Fractal Music

The goal of this project was to study the fractal dimension of a music generated procedurally by a computer program written in C. I wanted to see if its complexity was possibly due to the use of a chaotic system leading a factal behaviour.

Business card integrate deep learning frameworks

Smart Business Cards

After creating my business, I wanted to make business cards to serve as a nice and short substitute for my CV. However, I wanted it

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